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As with all purebred dogs there are unfortunately also hereditary defects in the Kelpies.
This is what is so far known to us in the Australian Kelpie:

Heart: Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease (DMD)
Cryptorchisme and monorchisme (testicles)
Cataract (eye defect)
PRA (eye defect)
Cerebellar Abiotrofy (brain defect)
Patella Lucatie (knees)
Epilepsy (brains)
Hip dysplasy
Missing dental elements

All the dogs we breed on are tested on a variety of hereditary eye defects (not just on PRA), and we will have the hips x-rayed and officialy inspected at FCI norm, and they will be screened for any heart defect by echography incl. color doppler screening.

Heart Defect(s)

In the Kelpie breed there is a heart defect wich, without me knowing it, is also in the bloodlines of the Kelpie I bought and, without me knowing it, also in the Kelpies that I bred.
Below is the report that is published by the breed club, the Australian Cattle Dog & Kelpie Vereniging (Ned.).

PDF: Report Cardiological Problems in Austr Kelpie



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